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White Mystery (US) - Blood & Venom (LP)

White Mystery

White Mystery (US) - Blood & Venom (LP)

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'Inevitable White Stripes comparisons will arise, but White Mystery is something else entirely. For one thing, White Mystery is a punk band and the Stripes never were. Then there's the fact that Alex wails like a hungover Corin Tucker while Francis attacks his drums with an appealing savagery that's more Moon than Meg. This is your basic garage rock with a punk-ass attitude.

The band's second album Blood & Venom establishes that the world of White Mystery is always ablaze. I lost count of how many times Alex howls about fire in the forest or setting the world on fire or being the King of Fire's daughter. A fixation on flames isn't unexpected from a pair of Chicagoan gingers - they were born with an inferno in their fuzz-drenched souls, as they gleefully recount in '1985'. Lyrics are spare to the point of undeveloped, but the riffs are substantial enough that Alex could sing a nursery rhyme and it would sound like the Communist Manifesto. If you invite White Mystery to your house they'll either have a party or burn it down. Maybe both. But they'd wish you a happy birthday while they were doing it.' - Perpetrator Records

Release Information

Artist: White Mystery (US) 
Title: Blood & Venom 
Format: 12" LP Vinyl
Label: White Mystery 
Year: 2011 

  1. White Mystery 
  2. Snack Culture 
  3. Blood & Venom 
  4. Pumpkin Creme 
  5. Smoke 
  6. Good Girl 
  7. Birthday 
  8. Party 
  9. Dead Inside 
  10. 1985 
  11. Kickin' My Ball
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