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Wakhan Corridor - Wakhan Corridor (CS EP)

Wakhan Corridor

Wakhan Corridor - Wakhan Corridor (CS EP)

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Wakhan Corridor are a 4 piece post-hardcore group comprised of current and former members of Kirikiriroa screamo trio Hedge Fund Trader, shoegaze outfit Landlords and UK hardcore-punk group Never Again. Formed in early 2018, Wakhan Corridor released this eponymous EP consisting of 7 minutes of abrasive post hardcore reminiscent of Funeral Diner, City of Caterpillar and Ampere.

Release Information

Artist: Wakhan Corridor 
Title: Wakhan Corridor 
Format: Cassette EP 
Label: Wakhan Corridor 
Year: 2018 

  1. Face Turn
  2. Carry
  3. Night of Cups
  4. Great Expectations
  5. Palimpset
  6. For Long and in Loneliness
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