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Various Artists - Welcome to the Arse-End of the World (LP)

Always Never Fun

Various Artists - Welcome to the Arse-End of the World (LP)

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This is a phenomenal document of the filthiest punk rock on offer in New Zealand at the end of the first decade of the 2000s. Featuring bands from the top of the North Island and through to the bottom of the South Island, it's an accurate snapshot of where things were at in the punk underground scenes of New Zealand. Compiled and released by Sam Thurston of Meth Drinker and Rogernomix on his own label, Always Never Fun. Fingers crossed he does a sequel, now that we're nearing the end of the second decade of the 2000s. Remarkably, at least one band featured here is still active. Keep up the good work, Rogernomix!

Release Information

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Welcome to the Arse-End of the World
Format: 12" LP Black Vinyl
Label: Always Never Fun 
Year: 2011

  1. Electric Mayhem - Wasted Wednesday's
  2. Electric Mayhem - Gator 
  3. Hatewanx - Spacesaver 
  4. Hatewanx - Skullfucked By God 
  5. Meth Drinker - Stare
  6. Natural Glow - RTDS 
  7. Natural Glow - Young Gifted And Fat 
  8. Teen Hygiene - Girl Generator 
  9. Teen Hygiene - In Hot Fursuit 
  10. Aborted Christians - Denouncing The Christ Pig 
  11. Aborted Christians - Unholy Hate 
  12. Crawler - Work Eat Fuck Breed 
  13. Wasteland - Leave Me Alone 
  14. Wasteland - Runaway 
  15. Rogernomix - Bought In Sold Out 
  16. Rogernomix - All In Your Stride 
  17. Conniption - Life Code 
  18. Conniption - Chaos Theory 
  19. Open Tomb - Damned To Forgive
  20. Police Lineup - Foetal Position 
  21. Police Lineup - Crusty Town Bullet Belt 
  22. Oilbarrons - Distraction 
  23. Oilbarrons - Eyes Wide Shining 
  24. Cask Grinder - Trout Stephens 
  25. Cask Grinder - Self Abuse
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