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Various Artists - Kiwi Rock (CD)

Kiwi Rock Publications

Various Artists - Kiwi Rock (CD)

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Kiwi Rock is an eight track compilation of rare NZ noises, from artists spanning across three decades. Essentially a rarities collection of b-sides, demos and live recordings from Flying Nun acts and Flying Nun pre-cursors The Enemy. Like so many FN acts, the music seems to be timeless, and still holds up today. From the peaking home recording of 3Ds 'Strange News From The Angels' to Chris Knox terrorising Dunedin punters with his punk outfit The Enemy, this is a concise taste from the archives of some of Aotearoa's finest bands. 

Release Information

Artist: Various Artists 
Title: Kiwi Rock 
Format: CD 
Label: Kiwi Rock Publications 
Year: 1996

  1. The Chills - I Think I'd Thought I'd Nothing To Think About
  2. David Pine - Free Man In Dunedin
  3. Straitjacket Fits -  Done
  4. The Bats - Boogey Man
  5. 3Ds - Strange News From The Angels
  6. Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - Up In The Sky
  7. Snapper - Sand
  8. The Enemy - Iggy Told Me
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