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Useless Eaters (US) - Singles: 2011-2014 (LP)

Slovenly Recordings

Useless Eaters (US) - Singles: 2011-2014 (LP)

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'Slovenly Recordings is honored to present a new collection from one of our favorite punk rock stalwarts USELESS EATERS! Seth Sutton is the primary UE punk in question, and Singles: 2011-2014 compiles the best tracks from their out-of-print singles from cool-assed labels like Goodbye Boozy (Italy), Tic Tac Totally and Nashville’s Dead, to name a few.

The electrostatic shock of “The Moves” is here, and it sounds like the LSD is just about to take over, only you’ve been chewing on a tab that you never quite wrangled out of its aluminum foil wrapper. Fatter, lo-fi decimating sounds abound with tracks like “Bloody Ripper”, and “I Hate The Kids” (feat. TY SEGALL) makes an appearance here as well. This is a fully realized set that somehow works even better than flipping through your Eaters’ 7” stack which is likely incomplete anyway.' - Slovenly Recordings

Release Information

Artist: Useless Eaters (US) 
Title: Singles: 2011-2014
Format: 12" LP Vinyl
Label: Slovenly Recordings
Year: 2015 

  1. Dope Clones
  2. Difficult
  3. American Cars
  4. The Moves
  5. Proper Conduct
  6. Plague Is Vague
  7. Addicted To The Blade
  8. Starvation Blues Number Two
  9. I Hate The Kids
  10. Linear Movement
  11. Bloody Ripper
  12. Mother Earth
  13. Integrated Circuit
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