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TVX were a four-piece stoner-doom band featuring Anna Bouwmeester on vocals, Sarsha Douglas (RogernomixDÄHTM) on guitar and Vanya Vitali (Freak Magnet, Raw Panic) on drums, all from Wellington d-beat/stadium crust band Bonecruncher, and with Jerry Suave (The Dilfs, Badd Energy) on bass. 

TVX is their sole release, released on what would have been the 30th birthday of their frontwoman, Anna Antoinette Bouwmeester (1989-2018), on 20/4/2019, or as the band fittingly pointed out, 4-20. The LP is dripping with stoner filth, and is a must-have for fans of the dirge and sludge of bands like Eyehategod, Buzzov•en, Meth Drinker and Shallow Grave. Released on 180g Purple vinyl along with a 16 page booklet, download code, front cover artwork from Daily Secretion (Unsanitary Napkin) and back cover artwork from Sera Helen. The instruments were recorded live by Vanya at Scumbag College in December 2017, while the vocals were captured at TVX's penultimate gig at Woodcock Festival 17/02/2018. The task of compiling and mixing this release must have been an enormous emotional and technical task, and the resulting album is something that everyone involved can be extremely proud of.

It's a tremendous release, packed with love for Anna. Her loss is felt across Aotearoa throughout the many communities that she was an integral part of, and we're so happy that her friends and bandmates have put together this final piece of art which is now part of her legacy.

Release Information 

Artist: TVX
Title: TVX
Format: 12" Purple LP w/ 16 page booklet
Label: TVX
Year: 2019

  1. Strength Over Water
  2. Pylons
  3. Historical Nonfiction
  4. Daktopian Dreams
  5. Bleak Horizons
  6. 1312
  7. Weed Witch
  8. Burnt Desires
  9. Skuttabrain
  10. oiBazooka 

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