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Black Panthers, The - The Black Panthers (LP)

Kato Records

Black Panthers, The - The Black Panthers (LP)

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'Posthumous release for the maniacal 'Panthers, prowlers upon the Christchurch garage/backyard/basement ("you name it, we'll play there") scene in the late 90s. Loose, psychotic, blatant, sly, humorous yet always action packed. Detroit Stooges/MC5 take-off points fer sure, a boogie skronk classic of 70s rok, Sabbath stylings residing within, a slice of punk abandon. Psychedelic basement noodlings with covers of Love's 'Signed D.C.' and GG Allin, rumoured covers of Deep Purple and Human Instinct's take on the Kinks' 'You Really Got Me', these boys woulda chowed thru a version of 'Come to the Sabbat' without a doubt. Upfront on the lyrical stakes, with song titles such as 'Peel My Banana', and the opus 'Deep Inside Teenage Pussy'? Kiss/Spinal Tap bookend one side of these boys' influences, the Ramones/Dead Boys the other, all shoved through the leaden testosterone Christchurch bogan wastelands. Testimony to the frustration - 'Dumb Lady' and 'Revolution Now'. Not averse to the good times - 'Do You Wanna Come Over To My House?'. Still looking for a way out of the mess - 'Inside Out'. The teen soundtrack for teen metal garage punks living in the 'burbs.' Kato Records

Release Information

Artist: The Black Panthers 
Title: The Black Panthers 
Format: 12" LP Black Vinyl  
Label: Kato Records 
Year: 2000  

  1. You Ain't Around
  2. Revolution Now! 
  3. Inside Out 
  4. Elevators 
  5. Deep Inside Teenage Pussy 
  6. Too Cool to Die 
  7. Shot Down In Flames 
  8. Do You Wanna Come to My House 
  9. Peel My Banana 
  10. Dumb Lady 
  11. Signed D.C. 
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