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Statues (CAN) - New People Make Us Nervous (LP)

P.Trash Records

Statues (CAN) - New People Make Us Nervous (LP)

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'Mining the same updated pop-punk/power-pop/mod-punk vein as SMALLTOWN or current faves (and co-Canucks) TRANZMITORS, with the hint of a less snotty BRIEFS and a literary JAWBREAKER-esque quality to the lyrics. Great stuff, recorded well and with great catchy choruses.' - Maximum Rocknroll

'Your typical pop-crazy Now Wave readers will love Sudbury, Ontario's Statues. On its second full-length release, this mod/punk/powerpop trio lets loose 13 bolts of upbeat, high-energy tuneage that I can't help but crank loud. What a great album! Kicking up some snappy Jam/Buzzcocks electricity a la American counterparts The Adored and specializing in bright, frenetic melodies that would thrill fans of Green Day, Statues storm out of the gates and never let up on this delightful sophomore effort. It's hard to single out one particular "hit", because song after song is tuneful and energetic in the most thoroughly enjoyable way. I'm especially keen on "Living In Lines", "Nerve Damage", "The Last Stand", and "Rubber Gloves". With the exception of minor forays into the realm of Clashy reggae and radio friendly post-punk, the disc delivers a non-stop barrage of pulsating power chords and brisk, catchy tunes. But don't go thinking this is lightweight, fluffy stuff! The vibe here is nervy, not cutesy. There are no sappy songs about broken hearts or unattainable pretty girls. In fact, one of the things I like most about this album is the lyrics. Here Statues take on some sharp social commentary in a non-preachy and not at all heavy-handed way. These are songs that reflect the pervasive anxiety and emotional disconnection that plague today's world: technology gone too far, governments and employers intruding into our lives, consumerism run amok, and the overmedicated masses beset by the rigors of the rat race. All of this 21st Century fear and loathing is explored with good humor and invigorating, high-spirited playing. I defy you not to smile and dance your way through the infectious refrain "We can't complain about the weather/If we never go outside". All in all, a totally outstanding release from one of North America's most underrated punky pop groups. Jump on it, Now Wave Nation!' Lord Rutledge, Now Wave Webzine

Release Information

Artist: Statues (CAN) 
Title: New People Make Us Nervous 
Format: 12" LP Black Vinyl
Label: P.Trash Records  
Year: 2007   

  1. Electric Fences
  2. Living In Lines
  3. (You Can't Wash) Dirty Thoughts
  4. Nerve Damage
  5. All Good Things
  6. Quality Assurance
  7. The Last Stand
  8. Rubber Gloves
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