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Old Loaves - Drowser (CS)

Press Gang Records

Old Loaves - Drowser (CS)
Old Loaves - Drowser (CS)
Old Loaves - Drowser (CS)
Product image 1Old Loaves - Drowser (CS)
Product image 2Old Loaves - Drowser (CS)
Product image 3Old Loaves - Drowser (CS)

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Old Loaves was formed by me, Kōpēa co-founder Cameron Reid, and my friends Ben Ward, and Kalem O'Brien. This is the first physical release of our debut album, Drowser, originally released digitally on Bandcamp and all other digital outlets in June 2012. Now available on cassette in a limited run of 50 units. 

We never got to tour the album upon its release, I don't think we even got to play a release show for it. Time passed, me and Kalem left the band, Ben moved overseas, and along with the band, the album was left in the background. 

More time passed, I found myself back in the band, living in Hamilton, Kalem was in Melbourne by then, and we got our friend John Strange to play bass. We kept trying to figure out ways to release Drowser. There was never the right time. Eventually new material took up the spaces in our sets. 

And now we find ourselves here with the first physical release of Drowser, and also the final release from Press Gang Records. 

This label was dragged into existence in order to put out our Bad Rides EP on 7", so it seems right that the last release is the forgotten album from the band that started it all. Most fitting and ultimately bittersweet, it is also the last recording we did with Kalem. 

In April 2018, Kalem took his own life. It's still hard to come to terms with that fact. I find myself thinking of him every day, and as well as the sadness of his passing, I often find myself laughing at the times we shared. I'm so grateful to have known him, to count him as a friend and to have been in a band with him and make some of the best music that I have ever made. 

So this release is dedicated to our friend Kalem Jesse O'Brien (1986-2018). 

As someone that struggles with life and depression, and as a person that finds great value in counselling and talking with others, I want to give back to the people that lend their ears to others that are hurting every day in this country. 

Old Loaves and Press Gang Records have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Drowser cassettes to the 72 Club initiative, fundraising for Lifeline. 

Ben, John and I would like to send out our love to all of Kalem's family and friends, and especially to the man himself, wherever he is now. 

Release Information

Artist: Old Loaves
Title: Drowser
Format: Cassette
Label: Press Gang Records
Year: 2018

  1. Hooks
  2. Teeth
  3. Their Noise
  4. Half-Ounce
  5. Dust
  6. Fools
  7. Wretch
  8. Olshim
  9. Parade

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