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Oblivians - Strong Come On (7" Single)

Crypt Records

Oblivians - Strong Come On (7" Single)

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'Lo-fi and muffled, Strong Come On has all the spirit of a live Oblivians show, and it reminded me of their energetic performances, which evoke cat calls and a wave of heat from the crowd. The Oblivians are everything rock is about (or should be about). Strong Come On is a Memphis-style punk, with scratchy, moaned, fuzzed vocals, and Ramonesesque guitar riffs. However, even as I make this statement, I kick myself, because the music the Oblivians play is all their own. Forget the comparisons to the Blues Explosion - The Oblivians do it harder and dirtier. As far as the B-sides go, well... 'Let Him Try' contains even more raw, unintelligible lyrics, and 'Black September' further proves the Oblivians can still deliver. This is where it's at if you're looking for catchy, southern punk blues. Just try and keep still while listening to this.' - Fen Hsiao, Arizona Daily Wildcat

Release Information

Artist: Oblivians 
Title: Strong Come On 
Format: 7" Single Vinyl
Label: Crypt Records 
Year: 2013 

  1. Strong Come On 
  2. Let Him Try 
  3. Black September
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