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Melchior, Dan (UK/US) - A Non Person/Hesitation Blues (7" Single)

Spacecase Records

Melchior, Dan (UK/US) - A Non Person/Hesitation Blues (7" Single)

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'If you've landed here, you're undoubtedly familiar with Dan Melchior. Originally from Shepperton, England, Dan [has] collaborated with Billy Childish and Holly Golightly. A wonderfully prolific songwriter who never disappoints, Dan's fronted the Broke Down Revue and Dan Melchior Und Das Menace. While Dan's style is always influx, his work is very idiosyncratic. Nevertheless, anyone into Television Personalities and garage-rock will eat this single up. Mastered by Eric Brady at Windian Records.' - Spacecase Records 

'Another month, another couple tracks from Melchior. Dan’s releases are as reliable a marker of the passage of time as checks mailed out to the rent man. Eclectic, electric, and with quite a bounce, “A Non Person” is an original cut that patches together some maximum fuzz with a singalong chorus for a fun track. “Hesitation Blues” is a moody, bluesy arrangement of a traditional tune, a powerful take on this solid number.' - Dave Hyde, Terminal Boredom 

Release Information

Artist: Dan Melchior (UK/US) 
Title: A Non Person/Hesitation Blues
Format: 7" Single Black Vinyl
Label: Spacecase Records 
Year: 2015 

  1. Domesticate   
  2. Chiming of the Bell
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