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Kopea - Eco Tote Bag


Kopea - Eco Tote Bag
Kopea - Eco Tote Bag
Kopea - Eco Tote Bag
Product image 1Kopea - Eco Tote Bag
Product image 2Kopea - Eco Tote Bag
Product image 3Kopea - Eco Tote Bag

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If you were at our stall, we'd be suggesting you get one of these to put your finely selected purchases of only the best music from independent artists of Aotearoa, so that you could keep your new goodies safe and warm all the way home. Seeing as you're at our webstore, we still suggest that you get one, for when you next head out record shopping and need that perfectly sized shoulder bag to nurse your prized LP purchases safely back to your abode. Or just do what Kōpēa's Cam Reid does, and use it as an everything bag. For a while, it was a wallet, but thankfully he's upgraded to an actual wallet. Anyway, these bags were lovingly screenprinted by Rotorua's own Sophie Perry at Winifred's Lane, printed on Ecobags 100% Cotton EC-05 bags. 100% compostable as well. Featuring the Kōpēa logo, designed by our immensely talented friend Mokonui-a-rangi Smith from Uhi Tapu. Can safely carry multiple LPs. 

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