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Gino and The Goons (US) - She Was Crushed (7" EP)

Slovenly Recordings

Gino and The Goons (US) - She Was Crushed (7" EP)

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'The undisputed kings of 21st Century Budget Rock GINO and the GOONS are back on Black Gladiator / Slovenly with their hairiest tracks yet! Like a perfect mix of DMZ, Lazy Cowgirls, Ramones and Controllers, dem Goons have concocted four slobbering punk twisters on some total next-level action that we’re still trying to wrap our heads around. “I’ve been smoking on the wrong side of a cigarette, I’ve been drinkin’ all day and my brain is wet…” Yeah, we’ve been there, like twice last night even. And you know you can count on America’s greatest party band to introduce some new axes to the grind. Pretty sure that they grabbed a long neck goose and squeezed some honks out of it on “She Was Crushed” - unheard sounds since Mickey Mouse did that shit in “Steamboat Willie.” 'Tis the chosen chaos of suave teenage music that can only be entrusted to a few ugly geezers, but ugly geezers that care about YOU. Rock’n’roll forever!' - Slovenly Recordings

Release Information

Artist: Gino and The Goons (US)  
Title: She Was Crushed
Format: 7" Black EP Vinyl
Label: Slovenly Recordings and Black Gladiator 
Year: 2018 

  1. She Was Crushed
  2. Got Messed Up
  3. Wrong Side of a Cigarette
  4. Early Retirement 
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