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Gee Tee (AUS) - Death Race (7" EP)

Neck Chop Records

Gee Tee (AUS) - Death Race (7" EP)

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'Doubt you really know what a GT is to begin with, but trust that Gee Tee is completely faithful to its automotive counterpart -- well, sans all the raw horsepower, superb handling, high gas mileage and other car-specific  characteristics, but at the very least, Gee Tee's sure as hell's got a similar sense of flamboyant, shameless style that positively oozes charisma. Originally conceived as a solo-project by Gold Coast's Kel Mason (member of equally-extraordinary rock-band, Draggs). Gee Tee's Death Race EP is the total antithesis of its title. For a 'death race', simple-minded listeners couldn't feel more enlivened by Kel's goofy, lighthearted brand of synth-infused, surfy garage rock lined with an ear-pleasing arrangement of mechanical whirls, buoyant keytones, alien-like vocal distortions, and of course, spindly, simplistic chords emanating from a guitar most assuredly decorated in all sorts of sweet flame decals. What derives from this unorthodox assemblage of instruments is something of an otherworldly-orchestra, a perky, lo-fi charade that's more incapably delightful than it is confusing or overwhelming -- a near-perfect mix of ideas. Gee Tee's Death Race does enough to stray from the band's two original EPs, being a unique, spacey venture in the vein of the most infectious of garage rock bands, while remaining pleasantly digestible to satisfy even the least adventurous of listeners.' - Neck Chop Records

Release Information

Artist: Gee Tee (AUS)  
Title: Death Race 
Format: 7" Black EP Vinyl
Label: Neck Chop Records 
Year: 2017 

  1. Got No Head 
  2. Death Race 
  3. Chill Cruze II 
  4. Fightin' Is Dumb 
  5. Z-Zero 
  6. CTR
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