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Flamin' Werepigs, The - Sweet Rosalie (7" EP)

Kato Records

Flamin' Werepigs, The - Sweet Rosalie (7" EP)

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'Palmerston North, NZ full-moon trio, whose possessed live show left them stunned and confused back in the 1990s. Thick sodden, blues-ed out gunk riffs, and soul-sold vocals. Lurching madly and psychotically outta the Palmerston flatlands, a product of the local mindset, the prison they called home. Pioneers of the Palmerston-North garage-dirt scene. These trax were recorded in the belly of the Stomach, renowned P/Nth. wreckording womb. Members staggered on through groups such as the High Plain Drifters, the Dick Johnson Set and the High Lords. Lead howler Boris currently preaches his slant of crazy in BEWARE THE MOON with fellow nutter Boss Christ.' - Kato Records

Release Information

Artist: The Flamin' Werepigs 
Title: Sweet Rosalie  
Format: 7" Black Vinyl EP 
Label: Kato Records  
Year: 1997  

  1. Sweet Rosalie 
  2. Suit Wearin' Kin
  3. Swamplkken Blues
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