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Flamin' Werepigs, The - Hellway to High (LP)

Kato Records

Flamin' Werepigs, The - Hellway to High (LP)

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'Sonic Deliverance, (yes as in the movie), winging straight outta Palmerston North. 'The Posthumous Album' that didn't quite see release while the band was still active, the band members went separate ways in 2001(?)... but an accurate record of the nature of the beast of the band so to speak. Recorded on two separate occasions, with the 1st skinsman, Sowboy Badger, and then with latter pounder, Stompin' Puck Weiner. [Also] with two of the Manawatu's finest sound crafters workin' the sound recordin' boards, Nana Williams and Elise the Unibonger, fervent followers and supporters of the hick-voodoo trio. A stalkin' stumbling drunken'n'possessed affair, layered with blues scuzz, rollin' swingin' beats, and the unique wailin' of Boris T Boar. Wild beasts and fast cars, bad women and messed-up zombies, burnt barbeques and hellish home-brew, mind-altering mushrooms and gut-rot whiskey... themes that dominate the world of werepig woe.' - Kato Records

Release Information

Artist: The Flamin' Werepigs 
Title: Hellway to High 
Format: 12" LP Black Vinyl 
Label: Kato Records 
Year: 2000  

  1. Wild Goose Chase 
  2. Sowbag 
  3. Feeling Dead 
  4. Walk the Talk 
  5. Lets Get Wild 
  6. High Speed Chase 
  7. Under the Bed 
  8. Blue As Can Be 
  9. Crying Now
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