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Feelers, The (US) - Learn To Hate (LP)

Dead Beat Records

Feelers, The (US) - Learn To Hate (LP)

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'No, not the more famous same-named AOR Chch. combo all over the radio/TV world like some kinda rash, this here's a 5-piece outta Ohio, USA. There's raw early Evo stylings, hiccupping vocals not unlike Lux Interior of the Cramps, noisy art spastic rok like Pere Ubu, and a good quantity of punk rock much like the Circle Jerks.' - Perpetrator Records

'Steve Albundy from the Reatards plays bass and although that's definitely a selling point, the music sells itself. The disc includes 13 tracks of claustrophobic, paranoid fast-paced punk rock that you could probably throw on any Killed By Death comp and no one would be any wiser. Twin guitar attack with soloing, frantic wacko vocals, and an overall sense of poor mental health are all here. 'Stuttgart (Looking) Motherfucker' is a crazed little song with riffs that burrow into your ear and a nice surgical guitar solo while 'New World' lives up to its name. Pretty much every son rips in a Zero Boys meets hardcore Devo sorta way with jagged tempo changes and ace song writing.' - Dead Beat Records

Release Information

Artist: The Feelers (US)
Title: Learn to Hate The Feelers  
Format: 12" LP Vinyl
Label: Dead Beat Records 
Year: 2005  

  1. Intro: Peasants And Lepers
  2. Wake Up (To Hate)
  3. Stuttgart (Looking) Motherfucker
  4. Next Boy
  5. Slit Wristz
  6. Uniform
  7. Going Anywhere
  8. The Rev
  9. Get Out
  10. Next To You
  11. P.O.D.
  12. New World
  13. Roll 6, Damage 18
  14. Moles: Outro
  15. Wake The Dead
  16. You Fell In
  17. Desert Snow
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