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Echo Ohs, The - Hot Pockets (LP)

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The Echo Ohs are just the coolest damn band, and also responsible for (or at least part of) some of the other most excellent bands out of Tāmaki Makaurau (Bozo, Vincent H.L. & ten billion others), and Hot Pockets is their debut LP, released on 1:12 Records. Surfy-garage-y excellence delivered by a trio of gun players, The Echo Ohs are a must see band, and this here is a must have LP. One of the drummers from Ounce (add to the list of best bands in the country) is now playing for the Ohs now, but Emlyn Williams (DHDFDs) played on this record. My mate Steve Huf (Sharpie Crows, Girls Pissing..., Wilberforces) added some horn flavour to the proceedings. Keep an eye and an ear out for a new EP from the Ohs, and grab a copy of this classic ASAP.

Release Information

Artist: The Echo Ohs 
Title: Hot Pockets  
Format: 12" LP Black Vinyl 
Label: 1:12 Records
Year: 2019 

  1. Aliens
  2. You Don't Mind
  3. Line Check
  4. Mellow Deep
  5. Kicking In
  6. Hot Pockets
  7. The Gnarl
  8. Black Like Your Heart
  9. Up The River
  10. Rubber Glue
  11. The Cooler

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