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Earthmen and Strangers (US) - Earthmen and Strangers (LP)

FDH Records

Earthmen and Strangers (US) - Earthmen and Strangers (LP)

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'First record we've heard from Ryan Wong in a spell and it sounds refreshingly new and different from his previous groups. None of the viscera of Destruction Unit is evident. Little of the dirty garage of Tokyo Electron either. Honestly, it's like his stab at a Blood Visions, but perhaps even a more likeable record than that. Certainly has a slick and pop-infused feel to it and draws from hooky post-'79 UK punk and powerpop. He's filed off the rough edges, started singing instead of screaming (and is that a little fake British accent there?) and made a fairly accessible album for people who might not be familiar with his backstory (and something those who are should be comfortable with as well). It's certainly packed with more hooks than I was expecting and some of this might be even stronger than what Jay's producing these days. Quite a few stand-out cuts, the desperately catchy and frantic opener ('Naked to the Stars'), punked-up indie rocker 'Bartender', the very British 'Turn the Page', the New Wave-ish 'Deceitful Lines', the abruptly hooky 'Wake the Dead' and even a good and straight redo of Angry Angles' 'You Fell In' (he also 'covers' pal Shawn "Digital Leather" Foree as well, sort of a recurring motif amongst these friends). IT even closes strong with the driving 'Desert Snow'. A suprising record from a reinvented or possibly reinvigorated artist, who has shown in the past he's every bit of the songwriter Jay Reatard is and furthers that rep with thi well-crafter and subtly engaging effort. I think the plainly painted artwork (by Ryan himself) when compared to Jay's album sleeves speaks of the difference between the two of them as performers. Nothing disparaging to either, but it's obvious who wants the attention more. Anyway, this is a worth hearing, seek it out.' - RK, Terminal Boredom

Release Information

Artist: Earthmen and Strangers (US)
Title: Earthmen and Strangers
Format: 12" LP Black Vinyl
Label: FDH Records 
Year: 2014 

  1. Naked To The Stars
  2. Bartender
  3. Photo Lie (Digital Leather Cover)
  4. Turn The Page
  5. Alone
  6. Deceitful Lines
  7. Medusa
  8. Wake The Dead
  9. You Fell In
  10. Desert Snow
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