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E-Kare - Two Sides of the Same Coin (CD+Zine)


E-Kare - Two Sides of the Same Coin (CD+Zine)

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E-Kare is a collective, now based in Ōtepoti, that make multimedia art. Their love of zine-making, and combining gaming and music-making is ever present throughout their work. Two Sides of the Same Coin is the result of their 2018/2019 summer residency at The Arts Village in Rotorua, through the Open Studios Project.

Through workshops held over their residency, E-Kare compiled visual art for the zine compartment of this release, as well collated audio submissions from workshop participants in their MIXXX ( workshops. All of the samples and beats used in the compositions were written, programmed, recorded and supplied by E-Kare. The collective then compiled and refined all of the work that was submitted to them, as well as their own work that they generated throughout the residency, resulting in the beautiful package that is Two Sides of the Same Coin.

The audio aspect of the release sees audio samples of Rotorua (captured by E-Kare on their field recorder) and living life in the sulphur city, layered and swimming with noise, resulting in an audial journey traversing down avenues of mud-pools, laughing babies, thunder storms and the barista grind synced to electronic beats and movements. Split into two tracks on the CD, each track mirrors and reflects the other, as suggested in the title of this release, Two Sides of the Same Coin. Two halves of the whole.

The zine aspect brings forth two publications: firstly, the zine with compiled work from the workshops; and secondly, an original handmade zine created by the E-Kopea. The compiled zine sees images of Rotorua re-purposed creatively by workshop attendees, with red-eyed lions being my favourite (I submitted that one). The handmade zine is a poem presented in a book form, handmade, handwritten and handsewn/bound.

As well as the zines and the album, the collective also programmed and released a game titled HEALING WATERS, which is available to play here:

Kōpēa is proud to stock copies of E-Kopea's work, and we look forward to seeing and hearing more from the collective in the future. There will always be an open door for them in Rotorua.

Release Information

Artist: E-Kare 
Title: Two Sides of the Same Coin 
Format: CD + Zine
Label: E-Kare 
Year: 2019 

  1. Side A (Rotorua)
  2. Side B (E-Kare)
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