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Dutch Masters (US) - All In The Wires (LP)

Spacecase Records

Dutch Masters (US) - All In The Wires (LP)

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'Dutch Masters (2003-2010) were Eric Oblivian (Oblivians, Bad Times), Scott Rogers (Jenny Jeans, Perfect Fits), Talbot Adams (Royal Pendletons, Jenny Jeans, Black and Whites) and Punk Rock Pat. The Memphis, TN/Oxford, MS, group released a single on Goner Records in 2004. All In The Wires is a collection of the unreleased recordings The Dutch Masters completed for the Goner single, plus a couple of live tracks. The "studio tracks" were recorded by Jack Oblivian at the Goner Record store on an analog 4-track machine. All In The Wires contains a live version of "Fire Detector," which appeared years later on The Oblivians album, Desperation.

During their seven-year run, The Dutch Masters played with Dead Moon at the Chicago Black Out and GonerFest. They also released a track, "8 Ball Deluxe," on a Multiball Magazine compilation. All In The Wires was pressed on black vinyl and is limited to 500 copies.' - Spacecase Records

Release Information

Artist: Dutch Masters (US) 
Title: All In The Wires 
Format: 12" LP Black Vinyl
Label: Spacecase Records 
Year: 2014 

  1. You Don't Know How 
  2. Can't Find Pleasure 
  3. Submarine Captain 
  4. Tight Lipped 
  5. Multiple Girls 
  6. Doin' It Too Hard 
  7. Ain't No Saint 
  8. Radio Active 
  9. It's Not Obvious 
  10. Dead To You 
  11. 8 Ball Deluxe 
  12. I Want Your Name, I Want Your Number 
  13. Back At The Bucc. 
  14. First Time/Fire Detector
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