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Downer Buzz - Downer Buzz (EP)

Always Never Fun

Downer Buzz - Downer Buzz (EP)

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Downer Buzz was a short-lived project by Wellington punks Sam Thurston (Rogernomix, Meth Drinker) and John Dimery (Johnny and the Felchers, Mutation) which mutated into a formidable live band featuring Rupert Hunter (Unsanitary Napkin) and Mitch (Stress Ghetto).

Release Information

Artist: Downer Buzz
Title: Downer Buzz
Format: 12" EP Black Vinyl 45 RPM
Label: Always Never Fun
Year: 2015

  1. Train Grunt
  2. Five Eyes
  3. Revert To Ape
  4. Fuck Hardcore
  5. Stonk Lock Shot
  6. Cat Is The Bastard
  7. First XV World Problems

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