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DOG Power - DOG Power (LP)

Flying Nun Records

DOG Power - DOG Power (LP)

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'Te kōpae puoro o te wiki: Dog Power's self-titled album. Listen, as someone who was in a band called Chairman Meow as a youth, I understand the disdain people have for schticky-seeming band names.  Ōtautahi band, Dog Power (ugh. I am calling them 'Mana Kurī' instead, because it sounds way less bad) are excellent though. No, but listen. They are wonderfully mopey, melodic and theatrical. Their grand and driving track "Come Back to Paris" has been on repeat for at least half an hour today. They are inventive with their sound, and know how to use restraint to their advantage - which they show off in the dreamy-yet-Morrissey-y track "Actress". I want their single "Not Human" to start playing every time I enter a room. Mana Kurī's self-titled album through Flying Nun Records is fantastic. Listen to it.' - Alex Lodge - Kōpēa  

Release Information

Artist: DOG Power 
Title: DOG Power 
Format: 12" LP Vinyl 
Label: Flying Nun Records 

  1. Dark Nights, Dark Hotels 
  2. Come Back To Paris 
  3. King 
  4. Love Potion 
  5. Actress 
  6. Not Human 
  7. Entourage 

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