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Die Group (US) - Disease Control (LP)

Sex Tape Records

Die Group (US) - Disease Control (LP)

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'First foot length by this Los Angeles punk gang threesome, veterans of Gonerfest and a dozen other crack rock'n'roll Los Angeles combos. This record is a fierce and fantastic mess of all that great 1970s early Los Angeles/San Francisco punk. You can taste, smell and hear the flavours and sounds of every one of these outfits - The Urinals, The Weirdos, Crime, The Screamers, The Alley Cats, The Germs roaring out of the stereo speakers when this platter is spinning. Coulda/woulda been a label sign up dead cert for Dangerhouse Records back in the day. Three leathered lizards, sick sizzline geetar smeared over a lumbering rhythm, chunky, clunky and tribal, hypnotic and heavy, alienated and brooding. Teenage rage trapped in veteran rock'n'roll bodies. There's also that weird quirk thug punk rock'n'roll as peddled by the early primordial versions of the Ramones and Devo emanating from the grooves too. As such you could easily make the connection of brotherhood ties to thee Northwest skate punks the Spits as well. Guitarist Eric did and does time in Way To Go Genius and Tenement Rats, Reuben the drummer/vocalist was/is in Frontier Club and White Murder, current bassist Natalie was in the Control Freaks (w/Greg Lowery of Supercharger fame) and the Shanghais, and ex-bass wrangler Nick is the guts to many a mod-punk/powerpop outfit goin' in the greater LA region.' - Perpetrator Records

Release Information

Artist: Die Group  
Title: Disease Control   
Format: 12" LP Vinyl
Label: Sex Tape Records  
Year: 2018 

  1. Old & Gross
  2. Nothing Good Today
  3. Ambassador At Large
  4. Bug Spray & Coke
  5. Tire Thumper
  6. Attention
  7. Longhairs
  8. River of Shit
  9. Moon Boy Got a Tooley
  10. Bum Cum
  11. Disease Control
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