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Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)


Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)
Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)
Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)
Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)
Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)
Product image 1Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)
Product image 2Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)
Product image 3Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)
Product image 4Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)
Product image 5Contenders - Contenders (7" EP)

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Contenders S/T 7" EP

Digital Downloads available here:

Hot mess punk rock’n’roll quintet CONTENDERS claiming key parts of Wizz Kids, Electric Mayhem and Phone Sex Robots and tapping into the frenetic weave, dive and hammer of West Coast American 70s/80s hardcore punk, mining similar guitar fury as Circle Jerks, Minor Theat and the Avengers. And much like the aforementioned combo, lead vocalist Cilla brings to mind the strong willed 70s female punk vocalists of them times gone, some singing howling smorgasbord of Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex, Alice Bag of LA combo The Bags, Penelope Houston of Avengers and at times even early Debbie Harry. Bear witness to their first official sonic offerings on the Contenders EP.

Contenders EP is available on 7” of black vinyl, four tracks of punk’n’roll fronted by the new single ‘Attract/Repel’ and last year’s ‘Teenage Crybaby’. Contenders is due for release on Friday 31 May 2019 with pre-orders available via Kōpēa and Bandcamp.

There are no download codes included in the 7" package, instead the EP is available from Friday 31 May 2019 onwards as a free download from the band's Bandcamp page, featuring bonus tracks that couldn't fit on the record, 'Strange Routine', 'Skate Assault' and 'IV of Lies'. Limited to 150 units.

Release Information 

Artist: Contenders 
Title: Contenders 
Format: 7" EP Vinyl 
Label: Contenders  
Year: 2019 

  1. One Flew Over 
  2. Teenage Crybaby 
  3. Attract Repel 
  4. Dead Brain Rot

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