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Cheveu (FRA) - 1000 (LP)

Kill Shaman

Cheveu (FRA) - 1000 (LP)

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'Paris, France’s Cheveu’s newest release “1000″ shows a much more polished and slicker sound than their previous releases, portraying the bands growth and adventurous, other-worldly style. That’s not to say it doesn’t sound like a Cheveu album, which is usually pretty damned difficult to pinpoint anyhow. Expect a whole new foray of sounds that include full string arrangements, crazy RUN DMC-style beats, and the usual flurry of noisy electronics and Rolling Stones-type blues riffs. Limited to only 1000 copies on black vinyl in the US and Canada, licensed from Born Bad in Europe. Amazing cover art made out of fruit stickers and other fun stuff. Love it.' - Kill Shaman

Release Information

Artist: Cheveu 
Title: 1000  
Format: 12" LP Vinyl
Label: Kill Shaman 
Year: 2010 

  1. Quattro Stagioni
  2. Charlie Sheen 
  3. No Birds
  4. Impossible Is Not French
  5. Sensual Drug Abuse
  6. Show!
  7. Ice Ice Baby
  8. Push Push In The Bush Bush
  9. Like A Deer In The Headlights
  10. The Return Game
  11. La Fin Au Début
  12. My First Song
  13. Bonne Nuit Chéri
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