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CC Riders (US) - CC Riders (LP)

Spacecase Records

CC Riders (US) - CC Riders (LP)

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'Memphis super-jam group led by Monsieur Jeffrey Evans, with a backing band made up of Jay Reatard (guitar) and Alicja Trout (drums) right around the genesis of Lost Sounds and James Arthur (who was also playing in the Legs at the time, post-Necessary Evils) on guitar as well. Now, before you get thinking about the wild and crazy guitar antics this band could get up to with those players, just cool your jets (although this thing will get hairy, don't worry...). You need to think of this as a Jeff Evans record first and foremost and then you won't let yourself down. If you read the liners or any interviews regarding the band, this was basically a vehicle for Jeff with Jay, James and Alicja happy to be along for the ride and play in a band with a legendary guy they all admired very much. It's a mix of Mr. Evan's usual menu: some standards, some garagey versions of punk tunes and a few of his story-tellin' originals. "The Long Long Ballad of the Red-headed Girl" is literally long, but a great Evans honky-tonk spiel-type thing. My favorite moment on this is a real Memphis-style rave-up version of "I Gotta Right" that quite honestly slays. They also do a pretty fucking killer "Train Kepta Rollin'" with plenty of guitar shred. "King Riders Boogie" is righteous Memphis garage and "This Pussy's Gotta Give" is a good reminder that Jeff is punk as fuck and not afraid to work blue. The record closes with three "blues" variations, with Merle Haggard's "Workin Man Blues" particulary motivated and rockin'. A record that's a lot of fun to listen to, particularly if you're a Jeff Evans fanatic, but Reatards fans will dig on it too. I'm happy to add this to my Memphis collection.' - Terminal Boredom

Release Information

Artist: C.C. Riders
Title: C.C. Riders 
Format: 12" LP Green Vinyl
Label: Spacecase Records 
Year: 2013 

  1. Monkey's Uncle
  2. The Long, Long Ballad Of The Red-Headed Girl
  3. I Gotta Right
  4. Olde Joe Clarke
  5. Train Kepta Rollin'
  6. Soul Deep
  7. King Riders Boogie
  8. This Pussy's Gotta Give
  9. Sally Honeycutt Blues
  10. Workin' Man Blues
  11. Stormy Monday Blues
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