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Boss Christ - Monsterbilly (LP)

Stink Magnetic

Boss Christ - Monsterbilly (LP)

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'Sole vinyl footlong by one man band hisself, BOSS CHRIST. 10 tracks of Wairarapa wildness and Manawatu madness from the missing link between Sergio Leone's spaghetti western soundtracks and Hasil Adkins hunchin' canned meat propelled primitive rockabilly. Hear the definitive acapella original of 'Wolfman Won't Die', that Auckland ragtag mob Bloodbags have covered, the sublime heartfelt howlin' on BC's take of Jimmie Rodgers' 'Free From the Chain Gang Now', whole lotta plucking & twangin' on Bo Diddley's 'Roadrunner', hymns to the amber fluid on 'Beerworld' and the stutterin' stomper 'B-E-E-R' and paddock and pasture heavy duty machinery on 'Tractor' and 'Diesel Cowboy'.' - Andrew Tolley, Kato Mailorder.

Release Information

Artist: Boss Christ 
Title: Monsterbilly  
Format: 12" LP Black Vinyl  
Label: Stink Magnetic  
Year: 2013 

  1. Sponsers Message
  2. Wolf Party
  3. Free From The Chain Gang (Jimmie Rodgers)
  4. Hell Yeah
  5. Small Town Mongrel
  6. Roadrunner
  7. Diesolene Cowboy
  8. Beerworld
  9. B-B-B-Beer
  10. Wolfman Wont Die
  11. The Human Tractor
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