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Beatniks (US) - Beatniks (7" EP)

Goodbye Boozy Records

Beatniks (US) - Beatniks (7" EP)

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Beatniks is a punk band in Oakland, featuring members of Violent Change, Life Stinks, The World and Andy Human & The Reps. Beatniks are serious: they don't watch TV. Here's what people have to say about the Beatniks demo tape: "...Great downer rocknroll/proto-punk for fans of Charles Manson (the cult leader, not the musician) and hand-rolled cigarettes... disgusted crooner vocals and a desperate urban feel." - Alex from France (MRR)

"Heavy KBD/proto-punk influence (think Penetrators, early Gizmos etc.) combined with occasional synth weirdness, and more or less devoid of the novelty aspects of those sounds. With great sarcastic lyrics and simple riffs, Beatniks are full of snot and stomp and will fuck you up if you were to challenge them to a throw down. Whether they'd stick you with a switchblade or zap you with a raygun is unclear, but either way, BEATNIKS WIN, YOU LOSE!" - Vinnie Barrett

Release Information

Artist: Beatniks 
Title: Beatniks 
Format: 7" Black EP Vinyl
Label: Goodbye Boozy Records 
Year: 2016 

  1. Heat Creatures
  2. Friends = Enemies
  3. Dreamless
  4. Too Many People
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