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3Ds - Hellzapoppin (CD)

Flying Nun Records

3Ds - Hellzapoppin (CD)

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Classic 3Ds album from 1992, full of 90's bombastic super distorted choruses. Featuring the brilliant opening track and single, 'Outer Space' (not to be confused with the masterpiece track by The Muffs). Lots of Dunedin-sound (well, they're from Dunedin, so no surprise), Dino Jr and Sonic Youth influence on display, so if you don't know what 3Ds offer, if you like those bands, this album is well worth a hoon. Classic NZ 90s noise from the Flying Nun Records label.

Release Information

Artist: 3Ds
Title: Hellzapoppin
Format: CD
Label: Flying Nun Records
Year: 1992

  1. Outer Space
  2. Ugly Day
  3. Sunken Head
  4. Swallow
  5. Sunken Treasure
  6. Hellzapoppin
  7. Leave The Dogs To Play
  8. Hairs
  9. Something In The Water
  10. Homo Necans
  11. One Eye Opened
  12. Teacher is Dead
  13. Jewel
  14. Baby's On Fire 

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