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Cavemen, The - Dog On A Chain (7" EP)

Slovenly Recordings

Cavemen, The - Dog On A Chain (7" EP)

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'Outta control garage savages THE CAVEMEN from Auckland, New Zealand, have finally given Slovenly a kick in the nuts with a new 7inch EP, and mama, we be doubled over in agony from this most supreme beat down! The title track is brutal shit - the sickest they’ve knocked out since their debut “Juvenile Delinquent” single from 2014. When Paul Caveman snarls “PLAY SOME GOD DAMN ROCK’N’ROLL” on the opener “Death Row” you do what he say! More semen-soaked shockwaves on the flipside with “Dog on a Chain” and “Killing Myself to Live” are as primal and damaged as your better judgement. If this was released during the 90s garage-punk explosion half those bands woulda called it quits on first spin. Give up, give in, dive in and DIE!' - Slovenly Recordings

Release Information

Artist: The Cavemen 
Title: Nuke Earth 
Format: 12" LP Vinyl 
Label: Slovenly Recordings 
Year: 2018 

  1. Lust for Evil 
  2. Criminal Love 
  3. Janey 
  4. Batshit Crazy 
  5. Chernobyl Baby 
  6. Day Weekend 
  7. The Night Jimmy Savile Died 
  8. Concrete Town
  9. Don't Wanna Hang 
  10. Gimme Beer or Gimme Death 
  11. Elvis is Alive 
  12. Thug
  13. Speaking in Tongues 
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