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Mothers Dearest - Mothers Dearest (CS EP)

Razored Raw

Mothers Dearest - Mothers Dearest (CS EP)
Mothers Dearest - Mothers Dearest (CS EP)
Product image 1Mothers Dearest - Mothers Dearest (CS EP)
Product image 2Mothers Dearest - Mothers Dearest (CS EP)

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Mothers Dearest (Te Whanganui-a-Tara) makes music that I want to listen to. Horrid, bludgeoning and jarring. Like their brethren band Church of Goya, Mothers Dearest are unafraid of pushing into uncomfortable audial territory. The music is reminiscent of Skeptics, Swans, and S.P.U.D., and this EP gives me a lot of hope for the state of music in our nation's capital. It's nice to know that it's not just the punks that are pushing their music in extremes.

Release Information

Artist: Mothers Dearest 
Title: Mothers Dearest 
Format: Mono Cassette EP 
Label: Razored Raw 
Year: 2018

  1. Dead Pig
  2. Deicide
  3. Chemtrails Killed My Daughter (Pts I & II)

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