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Leech (JPN) / Stress Ghetto - Leech / Stress Ghetto (CS)

Razored Raw

Leech (JPN) / Stress Ghetto - Leech / Stress Ghetto (CS)
Leech (JPN) / Stress Ghetto - Leech / Stress Ghetto (CS)
Product image 1Leech (JPN) / Stress Ghetto - Leech / Stress Ghetto (CS)
Product image 2Leech (JPN) / Stress Ghetto - Leech / Stress Ghetto (CS)

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'Well, here's all your Anti-Christmas dreams come true. New Zealand punk label Razored Raw has dropped two new split releases on cassette – just in time to ruin the holidays. Wellington, NZ powerviolence trio Stress Ghetto share space with Indonesian trio Get it Today on one tape, and with Japanese crew Leech on the other. Both cassettes are lo-fi and obnoxious. But that's no surprise.

Funabashi-based Leech had their gruesome and grinding demo reissued by Razored Raw earlier this year, and the band's new split features similarly primitive and pummelling noise. Leech contribute five feedbacking songs to their split with Stress Ghetto, and while the band ease off the gas here and there, for brief bursts of crushing hardcore, Leech mostly deal in foot-to-floor – and always pulverising – powerviolence. Noise for noise's sake; always a good sign.

Stress Ghetto's contributions to their split with Leech are as shocking and raw as shitting blood on your birthday, which is pretty much par for the course for the vitriolic-sounding band. Stress Ghetto's five songs are split-second chaotic maelstroms, with soundbites and dissonant bursts of ‘music’ colliding at turbo speed. Stress Ghetto's cynical humour is always present, but plenty of pissed-off ire fuels the harsh racket here.' - Craig Hayes, Six Noises

Release Information

Artist: Leech (JPN) / Stress Ghetto 
Title: Leech/Stress Ghetto   
Format: Split Cassette
Label: Razored Raw 
Year: 2018

  1. Leech - Lucha Gozzilla 
  2. Leech - Bombardeo 
  3. Leech - Insatisfecho 
  4. Leech - Solutions (Visual Discrimination) 
  5. Leech -No Lo Sabia
  6. Stress Ghetto - 20c Mix 
  7. Stress Ghetto - Mazda Familia GTA 
  8. Stress Ghetto - Hops 
  9. Stress Ghetto - Finish Him 
  10. Stress Ghetto - Exposed Shinbone 


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