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Ghidrah - Invincible Deluxe (21st Anniversary Reissue) (CS)

Razored Raw

Ghidrah - Invincible Deluxe (21st Anniversary Reissue) (CS)
Ghidrah - Invincible Deluxe (21st Anniversary Reissue) (CS)
Product image 1Ghidrah - Invincible Deluxe (21st Anniversary Reissue) (CS)
Product image 2Ghidrah - Invincible Deluxe (21st Anniversary Reissue) (CS)

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This 90s power violence masterpiece from Kirikiriroa band Ghidrah (also known as Ghidrah and Ghidoragh) was first released on CD in 1996 by Kafuey Records. Lovingly reissued on mono cassette by Wellington noise label Razored Raw to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of Invincible Deluxe. The album still holds up, helped in part by the rawness of the recording, the eternal sound of DIY since forever. I don't think any of Ghidrah's contemporaries within the hardcore punks scenes of Aotearoa through the 90s were as creative, or as brave as this odd-ball trio. These geeks were unafraid of adding in some noisy horns and woodwinds in amongst the punk rock chaos, peppered in with samples from Tekken. As brilliant and fun then, as it is now. Thankfully, Ghidrah reformed in 2012 as Ghidoragh, and are now based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

Release Information

Artist: Ghidrah 
Title: Invincible Deluxe 
Format: Cassette 
Label: Razored Raw 
Year: 2017 

  1. Red 8
  2. Beat Em Up
  3. Terror on the Midway
  4. Dragon Seeks Path
  5. 3 Mile Mouth
  6. Pilot Error
  7. Ike Like Trike
  8. Reverse Arm Clutch Slum
  9. Triumphant Un
  10. The Old Rope-a-roney
  11. Indestrox
  12. Beat Im Up
  13. Can't Undo
  14. Gran Corona
  15. Silver Mantis
  16. S.K.U.
  17. Good Gung Fu
  18. King of the Rocketmen
  19. Tunnel
  20. That's My Name, Don't Waste It
  21. Scrum-diddly-umptious
  22. Wall of Infinite Pain
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