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Parents - Discography (CS)


Parents - Discography (CS)
Parents - Discography (CS)
Product image 1Parents - Discography (CS)
Product image 2Parents - Discography (CS)

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'37 tracks from our Self-Titled, Low Life and Great Reward releases, originally released on vinyl, as well as our recently re-released demo.

Translucent red tape with black ink. Colour printed obi strips. Very Limited.' Parents, Bandcamp

Release Information

Artist: Parents 
Title: Discography 
Format: Translucent Red Cassette 
Label: Parents 
Year: 2019 

  1. Debts
  2. Secrets & Lies
  3. Our War
  4. Quiet Earth
  5. The Enemy
  6. These Fucking Vultures
  7. Rush In
  8. When All Is Said And Done
  9. Cassette # Die
  10. The Greater Fear
  11. Clear Path
  12. Dissent
  13. What Moves You
  14. Bound
  15. Poison Rain
  16. It Crawls
  17. Twenty Six
  18. Affray 
  19. No Better Than A Beast
  20. Insight
  21. Change
  22. Threat
  23. Too Little Too Late
  24. Let Down
  25. Bored / Boring
  26. Betrayal
  27. Common Ground
  28. Ravagers
  29. Dream On
  30. Hope Less
  31. No More
  32. Don't Look Back
  33. The Fiend
  34. End Result
  35. Low
  36. Pressure
  37. Wounded
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