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Ayn Randy - Talk Talk Talk (CS EP)

Ayn Randy

Ayn Randy - Talk Talk Talk (CS EP)

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Second release from Ayn Randy, released to coincide with their 2019 Australian tour. Six tracks released on the traditional cassette format, the songs on Talk Talk Talk show strong development in the short two years in between releases for Ayn Randy. The songwriting is stronger, the musicianship is more confident, and the vocals are more to the front, the band smacks so much harder, and oh my god they're fantastic. The whole EP just delivers more, in fewer tracks. Ayn Randy are right at the top of bands to watch for us. Quite possibly the best release of 2019 so far. 

Release Information 

Artist: Ayn Randy 
Title: Talk Talk Talk   
Format: Cassette EP
Label: Ayn Randy  
Year: 2019 

  1. Parasite 
  2. Labour Unit 
  3. Talk Talk Talk 
  4. Laika 
  5. Black Mould 
  6. Cult Gate 
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