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Ayn Randy - Ayn Randy (CS)

Ayn Randy

Ayn Randy - Ayn Randy (CS)

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Incredibly excellent punk rock from Te Whanganui-a-Tara punx supergroup, Ayn Randy. Led by Liz Gibson (Shock Futuro, Awkward Death), and backed by Bonnie Tonkin (DAHTHM, Poverty & Spit, Shock Futuro), Tanya Jeffrey (Rogernomix) and Kitt Verhoef (Ritalin, Gravemind), Ayn Randy deliver grunge soaked punk rock, laden with Wipers influence. I wonder just how much Liz and Kitt's contribution as the band Better Living for the Zero Style Wipers tribute compilation had to do with the origins of Ayn Randy, as the band's sound throughout their debut self-titled cassette release seems to be a continuation from that starting point. 

Release Information 

Artist: Ayn Randy 
Title: Ayn Randy  
Format: Cassette 
Label: Ayn Randy  
Year: 2017 

  1. Lame Brain
  2. Entitled
  3. Fuckin Sleep
  4. Let Me In
  5. Paranoid
  6. Billionaire
  7. Blood Jerk
  8. Bart
  9. Long Forgotten
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