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Meth Drinker - Oil (CS)

Always Never Fun

Meth Drinker - Oil (CS)

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Meth Drinker was perhaps the finest sludge/doom band in New Zealand, active from 2010 to 2016. Featuring a stellar lineup of James Quick (Shortlived), Sam Thurston (Rogernomix), and Tony Pearson (Drug Problem), Oil is the second album from the Wellington doom trio.

Release Information

Artist: Meth Drinker
Title: Oil
Format: Cassette
Label: Grindfather Productions (Distributed by Always Never Fun)
Year: 2017

  1. Catalepsy
  2. Black Iron Prison
  3. Convulsion
  4. Narco Terror
  5. Vile Entity
  6. Green Inferno
  7. Destroy The Flesh
  8. Flesh Cabinet
  9. Sink

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