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Blowtops, The (US) - Blood & Tar (10" LP)

Big Neck Records

Blowtops, The (US) - Blood & Tar (10" LP)

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'Christ! This is some fucked up shit! 8 tracks of noisy, fuzzed out, chaotic rock 'n' roll. This will scare the bejesus out of anybody!  The perfect combination of lo-fi garage, Dwarves-style raw punk 'n' roll and abrasive noise core. Not only is this a phenomenal records, it can also be used to get unwanted party guests outta your house, or to annoy those neighbors on sunny spring afternoons when you've got all your windows wide open and the hi-fi cranked. Includes a cover of Alice Cooper's 'Black Juju' - Head in a Milk Bottle 

For fans of the Jesus Lizard, Useless Children, Cows and Solid Gold Hell.

Release Information

Artist: The Blowtops 
Title: Blood & Tar  
Format: 10" LP Grey Marble Vinyl
Label: Big Neck Records 
Year: 2000 

  1. Demon Rum
  2. Loaded and Holy
  3. Withdrawl
  4. Richard Hung Himself
  5. Brasshead Smash
  6. High Priestess Disturbed
  7. Black Ju Ju
  8. Police Station #13 
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