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Arthur, James (US) - ManTT (7" Single)

Perpetrator Records

Arthur, James (US) - ManTT (7" Single)

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'James Arthur accosts the sane of us with another dose of transient dollop of Texas-fried psych corrosion. He's a man whose ability to record smells and paint sounds is so compelling, in wooden shacks littering the countryside no less, that if you're not paying attention yet you just haven't taken that necessary step maaaaan. A-side 'MannTT' is more rock skronk prodding your frontal lobes until the lawn mower and AM radio apparent in the mix take on an unfamiliar hue as Southern sun cooks ya. More of a detour from the crocodilian mating calls and ceremonial hog rituals that the Manhunt LP instro's are made up of, out of the jungle into suburbia. On the flip is an Uncle Bobby cover, and while I might be in the minority here at Termbo headquarters, I'm pretty confident that the Semitic gargoyle was the prince of rocknroll music, and any psychologically haywire interpretation of his emotive-to-the-sky compositions is welcome on my stereo day and night. This one isn't your typical high-as-a-kite Byrds rendering though - it's a realistic, initially outta tune bringer-downer, crawling across the bass & tambourine floor with vox manipulated into synesthesiastic waves of blue spruce and dirt and melancholy. Arthur us one of the few dudes conveying actual vibes, and interesting ones at that.' - Terminal Boredom

Release Information

Artist: James Arthur 
Title: ManTT 
Format: 7" Black Single Vinyl
Label: Perpetrator Records 
Year: 2009 

  1. Freak 
  2. Acid Fascist
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