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Don Kings, The - Surfin' Sickles (7" EP)

Kato Records

Don Kings, The - Surfin' Sickles (7" EP)

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'First and only release by Auckland based surf trash trio. Led by motorbike and design maestro, Shakin' Luke Wood, he of many a killer Christchurch combo, The Damned Evangelist, Grand Saloon, Shakin' Evil, and the Grand Chancellors. Backbeat supplied by his namesake brother, Baron Wood, who previously helmed the frontsmen duties for Dorkland groovemeisters, Grande Cobra and the Hories, and secret 1-man trash attack, El Destructo. Bassing chores provided by Slackjaw, front yelper and string mangler for Bloody Souls, Hot Greast, and the Smokin' Daggers. 4 tunes, two original instrumentals, and two vocal covers, 'Hot Dog' by P/North dragstrip crew Pro Drag and the ole chain gang standard 'Parchman Farm'.' - Kato Records

Release Information

Artist: The Don Kings 
Title: Surfin' Sickles 
Format: 7" EP Black Vinyl 
Label: Kato Records 
Year: 2010  

  1. The Claw 
  2. Turkey Neck 
  3. Parchman Farm 
  4. Hot Dog
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