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Bloodbags - Sinister Deeds (7")

Spacecase Records

Bloodbags - Sinister Deeds (7")

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'This is a world littered with evil and shadowy figures, pulling strings and maniuplating things from behind the curtains or to the side of the stage. Such tawdry & toxic personalities be the subject matter of two tracks penned here. Political predators and polaroid pimps, the words strapped to the back of a sonic stomper on one side of this slab, and a jungle creeper on the underside. Plenty of hiss and howl, buzz and bash by Bloodbags, the five year old Auckland, Newzild fuzzy knock'n'roll combo, parents now to four 45s, survivors of two Amurican tours, and a multitudinous mess of home zone wreck and roll events. Informed as much by Crypt rock'n'roll as by Flying Nun noise, and failing gloriously to resemble either. Part of the plan, Stan. Our money paws play it out, the way it was always gonna be, and we wouldn't have it any other way.' - Kato Records

Release Information

Artist: Bloodbags  
Title: Sinister Deeds 
Format: 7" Black Vinyl 
Label: Spacecase Records 
Year: 2018 

  1. Elder Statesmen 
  2. Dark Room Dick
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