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Bloodbags - Dead Eyes (7" EP)

1:12 Records

Bloodbags - Dead Eyes (7" EP)

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'Third seven inch for Dorkland's Bloodbags, and their second for the 1:12 Record label. Three more tracks if the swinging sonic slop and scuzzy rock, this quartet of wrecked and weary string wranglers and pot thumpers have concocted in their 5 year existence so far. A radically slowed down, dare we say ballad-styed version of the track 'Cartoon Animal', a tune birthed and composed in the hands of Sweden's 1990s groop Union Carbide Productions, and two snappier, rolling originals, 'Red Sally' and ode to their favourite Wellywood sound engineer and 'Captain Swing', a warning to all who fall sway to the many 'charming' men on the prowl out there in the world.' - Kato Records

Release Information

Artist: Bloodbags 
Title: Dead Eyes 
Format: 7" EP Black Vinyl 
Label: 1:12 Records 
Year: 2017 

  1. Red Sally 
  2. Captain Swing 
  3. Cartoon Animal
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