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Incoming and New Stock - DHDC care package, Ayn Randy, Blame Thrower/Grown Downz, Severed Beliefs, and Piggery

We were in Kirikiriroa last week from Thursday until Sunday morning (as you do, Rocket coffee is amazing and we needed a restock for the pantry at home) which coincided with Hamtown Smakdown 2019. I was losing my mind with excitement about getting to see Māorissey o Tūranganui-a-Kiwa, and had organised to run a Kōpēa stall at the event, and by the time Friday morning had arrived, I was full blown sick. So long all thoughts of selling the new Contenders 7" EP on the day of its release in the band's hometown! Farewell all assumptions that I'd get to play drums for Māorissey because I thought I could charm my way into the band for the night! But most of all, actually thank goodness for the flu-shot, I'm sure it would have been much worse otherwise.
Anyways, long story short, we had to bail on the stall, and instead I went in before the doors opened on Saturday night and managed to get a quick merch exchange done with Lana from Swallows Nest and Dance Happy Doom Crew in Ōtepoti. They got some Contenders 7"s, and finally we got some hard hits from Te Waipounamu, with a couple of copies of a cassette EP from The Rothmans, a few copies of split releases from Swallows Nest [a cassette split with Snag (USA) and a 7" split with their tour mates for their upcoming jaunt through Europe, Crowning (CAN)], a copy of the Yung Nat$ split LP with Melbourne's Diploid, and a four-way-split 10" that Dance Happy Doom Crew helped to release last year.
I'm still working my way through getting these online, but they'll be up there soon. We're stoked that between Relics and Dance Happy Doom Crew, Dunedin will be kept in stock with the first run of Contenders EPs, and the remaining copies that we've got are shifting out the door quickly. As well as how good that is, I'm so excited to be selling copies of music from my Dunedin mates, and that they continue to release excellent music. Hey South Island, book my bands. I want to come down and play.
Also new in store - both Ayn Randy tapes turned up last week before we bailed from Rotorua for Hamilton, I should've posted about them too, because the band is absolutely incredible, as are both releases. So might as well just tack that on here. Holy smokes. Ayn Randy, best band out of Te Whanganui-a-Tara in a while. Such a brilliant combination of grunge, punk, elements of goth and post punk, and hardcore. Don't believe me? Here's the first track from their new Talk Talk Talk EP, 'Parasite'. Like I said. Holy smokes.
Ayn Randy sent us both of their cassette releases, which we are happily selling for them for $15 a pop. I got a message from the band saying there's a package of shirts on their way too, fingers crossed they turn up today because we've got to boost straight to Kirikiriroa again this afternoon (we've run out of beans again, plus we heard there's going to be amazing bourgie toast from Pōneke being served for breakfast at an amazing bourgie ice creamery on Grey Street aka street of the invader of Waikato). Anyways, Ayn Randy kick so much butt. I'm hoping Contenders get to tour with them some time, or at least play some shows with them soon. Oh wait! We are! Loozerpalooza in Tauranga, a festival being put on by the legend, Austin Cunningham (Your Enabler, TMS), with all proceeds being donated to Lifeline. You should all go.
As well as Ayn Randy, new label on the block, Elimination Records, sent me some modern Pōneke hardcore, the label's first release and first cassette, Severed Beliefs S/T demo. Brilliant design and striking blue cassettes, the coldness of the design is mirrored in the emo-tinged hardcore on offer from Severed Beliefs. I'm interested to hear more from the band, and especially Elimination Records. It's been a while since an exclusively hardcore label has been running in Wellington, the most notable being Action Man Records through the early 2000's.
Back to the north, and the Bay of Plenty, my mate Ciara (Blame Thrower, Markdown) sent me some copies of Blame Thrower's split with Grown Downz. It's a duo party! Two-piece battle of punkness! Blame Thrower of Tāmaki, and Grown Downz of Tauranga smash out the double-duo lineup punk rock brilliantly, and released by another new label, Ōtautahi's new punk home, Dust Up! From memory, Dust Up! is a collaboration between Melted Ice Cream's Brian Feary and Blame Thrower's Luke Penrose, and maybe a few others, but the idea was for Brian and his mates to be able to put out music that they loved that couldn't fit in with the MIC roster. Other label artists include pop punkers Nervous Jerk (AWESOME), Mental Fatal (AWESOME), and Zhukov (AWESOME). That's a pretty high awesome hit-rate.
What else have we got...
Oh yeah, the brand new stonkin' Piggery LP, released last Rāhoroi, limited to 100 units, and we've got a couple of copies. GET IN QUICK. Featuring a ridiculously good lineup of Bosun (Stress Ghetto), Sam Thurston (Always Never Fun, The Johos and 10000000 other excellent bands), Jessy (The Johos) and Matt (Razored Raw and 100 other excellent bands):
We're always on the hunt for stock for the store. If you're in a band or if you run a label with a release or new merch items coming up, get in touch. We'd love to chuck them up into the store. Chuck us an email at
Anyways, take it easy.
Oh yeah, I got this too before returning to my Sick Bed on Saturday night:
Fingers crossed we'll have some of these in stock soon, too!
Hei konā!
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