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Contenders #1 on 95bFM Top Ten this week and heading to the Big Smoke to celebrate!

We helped Contenders to chuck this EP out into the world on the last day of May of this year, and since then the band has been getting quite a bit of traction going on, culminating in taking out the number one spot on the 95bFM Top Ten for this week with their song 'Dead Brain Rot'. That's a hell of a coup for a deep-cut!

'Dead Brain Rot' showed up initially on the Top Ten two weeks ago, starting at a solid #5 on the bFM Top Ten:

Then last week, we learned they'd snaked their way up to the coveted runner-up position:

Next thing we know, we're seeing this delicious piece of news running in the disgusting feed that is the pit of FB:


Thanks to 95bFM for playing the track, and every one of you that voted for Contenders. A little confusing that it's for the last track on the record, or the fourth track on the digital EP, rather than the two songs that were released as singles, like 'Teenage Crybaby':

and 'Attract/Repel':

Oh man, especially 'Attract/Repel' with its brilliant accompanying video put together by Thomas Burton (SoccerPractise, Wilberforces), it had the class, it coulda been a contender! It coulda been somebody!

But that makes the victory all the sweeter. The audience has chosen!

Huge thanks to the band for asking us to look after distribution of the release, and a huge congratulations to the band from us at Kōpēa!

Let's try and keep them there, throw a vote their way:

Tāmaki Makaurau, you've got the chance to celebrate with them this weekend, so get out and see Contenders on Saturday June 22 as part of a massive bill of excellence at Thirsty Dog, alongside Rogernomix, Hedge Fund Trader, Exit Fear and No Brainers. We know the poster below says Hard Target, but the band couldn't do it anymore, so half of Hard Target got their other band No Brainers to jump on instead.

Rogernomix, Contenders, Exit Fear, Hedge Fund Trader, No Brainers

As well as that, Contenders will be back the following Friday playing at Evil Twinn, a huge night running in both Wine Cellar and Whammy Backroom along with Hedge Fund Trader (two weeks in a row! Yes!), Tooms, Hex, Hagseed and more.

Grab your tickets for Evil Twinn from Undertheradar here and save yourselves $5 from the door price.

Man, I love playing in this band. It's so damn fun. Buy the EP!

7" EP



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